Last Month:

What was the name of the young South Carolina sergeant who took water to wounded soldiers, both Union and Confederate between 12-11 and 12-15 at the Battle of Fredericksburg. He became known as the “Angel of Marye’s Heights.”


Richard R. Kirkland -that’s the image in the monument you see when visiting Fredericksburg. He was with the 2nd S.C. regiment.

 Second Question Last Month:

What percentage of Union and Confederate soldiers were killed during the Civil War?

Union:                               5.5%, 12.5%, 17.5%, 22.5%, 27.5% Confederate:                    5%, 12%, 17%, 22%, 27%


Oops- wrong information -no true answer here.

This Month:

What Confederate General was said to have been called “Old Woodenhead” by his men, but never really was given this nickname?